Simon Stock

The Incredible Life of Saint Simon Stock

You've probably heard the name Simon Stock before and wondered about the man behind the name. In the sea of Catholic saints, he stands as a figure of deep faith, devotion, and sanctity. Allow me, as a devoted catholic priest, to guide you through his remarkable life. But first, let me share an intriguing anecdote that paints a vivid picture of this saint's extraordinary spiritual journey.

The Vision of Our Lady

"Oh beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven. Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity."

These words, now known as the Carmelite Scapular promise, were revealed to Simon Stock during a heavenly vision. Legend has it that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him, presenting a brown scapular, a symbol of her protection. This event marks a pivotal point in Simon's life and the history of the Carmelite Order.

Early Years of Simon Stock

Born in Kent, England, around 1165, Simon was christened with the name Stock due to the unique circumstances of his birth—his mother is said to have taken refuge under a hollow tree or "stock". From an early age, Simon demonstrated a profound inclination towards prayer and solitude. At twelve, he retreated into the wilderness, fashioning a hermitage out of the very tree he was named after.

Saint Simon’s Calling to Carmel

After two decades of living as a hermit, Simon felt a divine calling to join a group of pilgrims returning from the Holy Land. Upon his arrival, he encountered a community of hermits on Mount Carmel, living under the rule of Saint Albert. Inspired by their life, Simon joined the Carmelites and was soon elected as their superior.

Simon Stock: The Carmelite Leader

As the leader of the Carmelites, Simon faced numerous challenges, including famine, persecution, and dwindling membership. However, his faith never wavered, and he led the order with deep commitment and strength. One of his significant contributions was relocating the Carmelites to different parts of Europe, thus expanding their mission.

The Brown Scapular of the Carmelites

The apparition of the Virgin Mary marked a defining moment for Simon and the Carmelites. The brown scapular she gave him, consisting of two pieces of cloth—one worn on the chest and the other on the back—became a symbol of Mary's spiritual maternity and protection. To this day, the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated worldwide within the Catholic Church.

"Whoever dies clothed in this (scapular) shall not suffer eternal fire." - Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Simon Stock

The Legacy of Saint Simon Stock

Saint Simon Stock's life is a testament to unwavering faith and dedication in times of despair. His influence on the Carmelite Order and the wider Catholic Church cannot be understated. Countless believers around the globe, inspired by his life, strive to live by his values of prayer, solitude, and service.

May we all take inspiration from Simon Stock's spiritual journey, praying for his intercession in our daily lives. As we bear our own crosses, let us remember his faithful perseverance and aspire to cultivate such steadfast faith in our hearts.

"Saint Simon Stock, pray for us, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen."

Remember, dear reader, every tear is a prayer, and in the heart of the Church, no prayer is ever wasted. May Saint Simon Stock guide and protect you as you navigate the path of life.

That's the incredible story of Simon Stock, a man devoted to his faith in the face of adversity. A shepherd of his people and a beacon of hope during tumultuous times. His life serves to remind us that with faith, we can surmount the most formidable challenges.

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What is Saint Simon stock known for?

Saint Simon Stock is primarily known for his association with the Carmelite order and the legend of the Brown Scapular.

Born in England around the year 1165, Simon joined the Carmelites, a religious order with roots tracing back to hermit monks on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land. He served as a leader of the Carmelite Order from 1247 until his death in 1265.

The most significant story associated with Saint Simon Stock is the apparition of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to him on July 16, 1251, in Cambridge, England. According to the traditional narrative, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Simon Stock and presented him with a brown scapular - a garment worn by religious orders - saying, "This will be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying wearing this scapular shall not suffer eternal fire." This vision led to the widespread devotion of wearing the Brown Scapular as a sign of faith and a means for protection.

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Although some have questioned the historical accuracy of this story, the symbolic significance and the devotion to the Brown Scapular has resonated with many believers throughout history. Today, Saint Simon Stock is commemorated in the Carmelite Order for his deep piety and leadership. His feast day is celebrated on May 16.

Where did Simon Stock receive the scapular?

Simon Stock, a Carmelite monk, is said to have received the scapular in Aylesford, England. The apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who entrusted him with the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, allegedly took place at the Carmelite monastery in Aylesford, in the year 1251.

What is the story of St Simon Stock and the Brown Scapular?

St. Simon Stock, who hailed from England, existed in the 13th century and was a pious man known for his great dedication to solitude and prayer. Very early on, he became an ascetic hermit living in a hollow oak tree, which gave him the surname 'Stock,' meaning tree trunk.

At approximately the age of forty, St. Simon joined the newly arrived Carmelites to England, eventually becoming the sixth superior general. However, during his time as a leader, the Carmelites faced great opposition and persecution. Amid this tribulation, St. Simon turned to prayer for help and guidance.

It was then, on July 16, 1251, a pivotal moment in Carmelite history occurred. In response to St. Simon's desperate prayers, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him holding the Brown Scapular in her hand. This small piece of brown woolen cloth, a part of the Carmelite habit, is worn over the shoulders. She said to him: "Receive, my beloved son, this scapular of thy Order; it is the special sign of my favor, which I have obtained for thee and for thy children of Mount Carmel. He who dies clothed with this habit shall be preserved from eternal fire."

The promise that accompanies the Brown Scapular, commonly called "the Scapular Promise," states that anyone who dies wearing this habit will not suffer eternal fire. Henceforth, the Brown Scapular has become a universal sacramental in the Catholic Church, a sign of Marian devotion and protection, spreading beyond the Carmelites to the laity worldwide.

Towards his later years, St. Simon Stock was known for his life of sanctity, prayer, and commitment to Our Lady's message. He died in Bordeaux, France, in the mid-13th century. While there may be questions over historical details concerning St. Simon Stock's life, his lasting legacy undeniably lives on through the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary via the Brown Scapular.

His feast day is observed by the Carmelites on May 16. His story serves as a constant reminder of the protective mantle of Mary, Mother of God, to those who consecrate themselves to her and wear the Scapular with faith.

What was St Simon Stock’s vision?

St. Simon Stock, an Englishman who lived in the 13th century, is most known within the Catholic faith for a seminal vision that would forever link him with the Brown Scapular of our Lady of Mount Carmel.

On July 16, 1251, St. Simon Stock had a powerful vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the vision, she appeared to him holding the Brown Scapular in her hand. The Brown Scapular is a piece of cloth worn over the shoulders, and it has since become a popular Catholic devotional sacramental.

Crucially, during this vision, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave St. Simon Stock the Brown Scapular with a promise, saying: "Receive, my beloved son, this scapular of thy Order; it is the special sign of my favor, which I have obtained for thee and for thy children of Mount Carmel. He who dies clothed with this habit shall be preserved from eternal fire."

This vision, known as the Vision of the Scapular, holds significant importance within the Catholic Church, particularly for the Carmelite Order. The Brown Scapular is seen as a symbol of Mary's spiritual protection and as a pledge of her intercession. It is interesting to note, however, that the promise of the Scapular is not universally accepted by all within the Catholic Church.

Thus, St. Simon Stock's vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her presentation of the Brown Scapular, and the associated promise are all central to his legacy and to the continued devotion to the Brown Scapular within Catholic faith.

Who was Simon Stock and what is his significance in the Catholic Church?

Simon Stock was an English Christian saint and a religious leader who significantly contributed to the Catholic Church, specifically to the Carmelite Order. He was born in Kent, England, around 1165 AD.

His significance principally comes from his association with the development and promotion of the Brown Scapular. According to Carmelite tradition, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him in a vision on July 16, 1251, presenting him with the Brown Scapular —a small garment to be worn around the shoulders— and promising divine protection to those who wear it with devotion. The vision is known as the "Vision of Our Lady of Mount Carmel" and the scapular she presented became a significant Catholic sacramental symbol, known as the "Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel".

Furthermore, St. Simon Stock's leadership transformed the Carmelite Order. He played a critical role in changing the Carmelites from a group of hermits into a religious order dedicated to active ministry and pastoral care. This transformation greatly affected the Carmelite Order's influence and growth, with its members spreading throughout Europe under his leadership.

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St. Simon Stock stands as an iconic figure in Catholic history. His legacy continues to influence and inspire many within the Catholic Church, and his feast day is celebrated on May 16th.

What miracles are attributed to Saint Simon Stock?

Saint Simon Stock was an early English Prior General of the Carmelite Order and is primarily celebrated for his visions of the Virgin Mary. The most notable miracle attributed to him is the vision that led to the creation of the Brown Scapular.

The Vision of the Brown Scapular
This is the most significant miracle attributed to Saint Simon Stock. On July 16, 1251, in the midst of troubles within the Carmelite Order, Simon reportedly had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this vision, she handed him a brown woolen scapular with the promise, “This will be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire."

Other Miracles and Supernatural Occurrences
In addition to the vision of the Brown Scapular, more miracles and supernatural occurrences are associated with Saint Simon Stock. He reportedly performed many miracles during his lifetime, healing those afflicted with diseases and even raising the dead.

Among many of his reported miracles, there was an occasion when Simon caused a spring of fresh water to burst from the ground, saving his fellow monks from dying of thirst during a journey. Furthermore, he is said to have been preserved from harm by a miraculous light that surrounded him when his is enemies tried to burn his monastery.

It is important to note, however, that while these accounts greatly contribute to the veneration of Saint Simon Stock, they are rooted in tradition and pious belief, and not all are historically verifiable.

How did Simon Stock become associated with the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel?

Saint Simon Stock, an Englishman who lived in the 13th century, is a celebrated saint in the Catholic Church. He was a hermit and lived in hollowed-out trunks of trees, which is how he got his name 'Stock' meaning 'tree stump'. But his historical prominence is much associated with the religious order of Carmelites and the miraculous Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Simon Stock joined the Carmelites who had just migrated to England from the Holy Land. He was subsequently elected as the sixth general of the Carmelites in 1247. This was a difficult time for the Order; they were struggling for acceptance in the Western Church, facing opposition and persecution.

Amid this hard phase, on July 16, 1251, Saint Simon Stock had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this vision, she handed him a brown woolen scapular, a small apron-like garment worn over the shoulders. The Blessed Mother said to him: "This will be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire." This event marked a turning point in the existence of the Carmelite Order, which started to flourish henceforth.

The scapular given to Simon Stock came to be known as the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It is believed to be a sign of Mary’s spiritual protection, especially at the time of death. To this day, many Catholics wear the Brown Scapular as a devotion to Mary, promising chastity and praying the Rosary.

Thus, the association of Saint Simon Stock with the Brown Scapular originates from his miraculous vision of the Virgin Mary, who bestowed upon him and the Carmelite Order the privilege associated with the scapular. This apparition also significantly helped establish the Carmelite Order more securely within the church.

What is Saint Simon Stock’s feast day and how is it traditionally celebrated?

Saint Simon Stock's feast day is celebrated on May 16.

Traditionally, this day is observed with a Mass dedicated to Saint Simon Stock in the Catholic Church. During the liturgy, the life and works of Simon Stock are often recounted, highlighting his significant contributions as an early leader of the Carmelite religious order.

Moreover, devotion to the Brown Scapular, associated with St. Simon Stock, is also heightened during this day. The Brown Scapular is a garment worn by devotees, symbolizing their dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is believed to have appeared to Saint Simon Stock and presented him the Scapular.

The faithful may also choose to engage in personal prayers or group novenas leading up to the feast day, asking for Saint Simon Stock's intercession. It is a day when the faithful are called to reflect upon their own faith journey, drawing inspiration from Saint Simon's deep faith and lifelong dedication to service and prayer.

It should be noted that the celebration of Saint Simon Stock's feast day might vary depending on local customs and traditions. Some communities may organize processions, charitable activities, or special gatherings in honor of the saint.

What lessons can modern Catholics learn from the life and devotion of Saint Simon Stock?

Saint Simon Stock, a Catholic Carmelite from the 13th century, offers many insightful lessons for modern Catholics. His life was marked by extreme devotion, intense prayer, and unyielding faith in God's plans.

Firstly, his life teaches us the importance of prayer and solitude. Saint Simon spent many years of his life as a hermit, dedicating his time to personal reflection, prayers, and development of his relationship with God. This level of devotion often led to spiritual experiences that enhanced his faith. For contemporary Catholics, this serves as a reminder to spend time in personal prayer and reflection, fueling their spiritual growth.

Secondly, Saint Simon’s visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary remind us of the role of the Divine Mother in our spiritual lives. He is best known for receiving the Scapular from the Virgin Mary, a devotional sacramental signifying her protection over those wearing it. Modern Catholics can renew their devotion to Mary, aware of her intercession and caring protection.

Furthermore, Saint Simon exemplifies the meaning of spiritual leadership. As a leader of the Carmelites, he faced decades of hardship - persecution, doubt, internal dissent, yet he stood firm, guiding his order with wisdom and tenacity. His leadership underpinned by his faith serves as a model for Christian leaders today.

Lastly, the legend of his survival, even as a baby, amidst a national famine underlines the concept of relying on Providence. It is a potent reminder that God cares for and provides for His children, reinforcing the need to place trust in divine providence.

In conclusion, Saint Simon Stock's life is rich in lessons for modern Catholics. He showcases the importance of solitary prayer, devotion to Mary, resilience in spiritual leadership, and reliance on God's providence.