Colette Of Corbie

Colette of Corbie: A Beacon of Joy in Sorrow

Have you ever heard of a saint who was not born into nobility but ended up transforming the world through her endless love for Christ? Such is the compelling story of Colette of Corbie, a woman of unmatched faith and courage. Her journey, laden with spiritual adventures and divine surprises, stands as a beacon of light for us all.

The Extraordinary Birth of Colette

It is said that God has His plans for everyone. When Colette was born on January 13, 1381, to Robert and Marguerite Boellet in the French village of Corbie, her parents were far past their child-bearing years. They had spent long years praying to St. Nicholas for a child. Their prayers were answered, and their miracle child embodied humility and devotion right from the start.

Lord, as you blessed Abraham and Sarah with Isaac in their old age, you also blessed Robert and Marguerite with our dear Saint Colette. We ask for your intercession so that we may embody Colette's virtues in our lives. Amen.

Becoming a Bridesmaid of Christ: Colette’s Early Life

Colette led an austere life right from her childhood. When she was 17, she turned her house into a makeshift convent and lived the life of a recluse after her parents passed away. Living her life in prayer and solitude, she strongly felt the divine calling to revive the original rule of St. Clare in its absolute sense. But how was this relatively unknown woman going to take up such a huge task?

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The Vows of Colette: Journey Towards Reform

After years of praying in isolation, Colette received the Pope's permission to become a Poor Clare nun and reform the order. She breathed new life into the Franciscan spirit, reviving the rules of poverty, austerity, and seclusion with her strict way of life. Her journey of reform wasn’t easy but she persisted. Her undying love for Christ and her commitment to her cause soon inspired many others to join her.

O Lord, guide us to follow the example of Saint Colette, to embrace a life of simplicity, prayer and selfless service. Inspire us with her unwavering faith and steadfast commitment to your holy will. Amen.

Performing Miracles with a Merciful Heart

Regarded as a living saint, Colette performed several miracles during her lifetime. It’s said she brought a dead infant back to life long enough for him to be baptized. Stories of her healing sick nuns with her prayers abound. Yet Saint Colette never intended to gain fame or honor. Her sole purpose was serving Christ and abiding by His teachings.

The Legacy of Saint Colette

After tirelessly working for the reformation of the Poor Clares and founding several new monasteries, Colette of Corbie was called to her heavenly abode on March 6, 1447. Canonized as a saint in 1807, Saint Colette left behind a rich legacy. The Order of Colettine Poor Clares continues her work of faith, maintaining her dedication to austerity and cloistered life.

Father, you granted Saint Colette a spirit of simplicity and humility. Enkindle these virtues in us, and guide us to live our Christian lives following her noble path. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Saint Colette: An Icon of Endurance and Faith

Today, as we invoke the name of Colette of Corbie, we remember her life of sacrifice, her leadership amidst trials, her charity in the face of hardship, and her unwavering faith in God's plan. Her life is a testament to the transformative power of great love and deep faith. In times of difficulty and joy, may we find inspiration and guidance from her extraordinary life.

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